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David Byron's longest lasting friend and recording partner was Daniel Boone [born Peter Charles Green on July 31, 1942 in Birmingham, England].   During the early 60s he worked with his band The Beachcombers and attempted to record some material under the name of Lee Stirling that was issued in 1963 without notoriety and his group then teamed up with vocalist Tommy Bruce to become The Bruisers.   Peter co-wrote the song Blue Girl  for The Bruisers  with their manager Barry Mason.  Released in July 1963 it entered the UK charts in August and reached # 31.  Peter also wrote hits such as "I Think Of You" by The Merseybeats which charted for 17 weeks in the UK and peeked at # 5 in January 1964.  Around that point he changed his name to Peter Lee Stirling which he used through writing and recording throughout the remainder of the 60s era.  The Bruisers broke up in 1967 and Peter moved on to become co-owner of a recording studio in London's White Chapelroad which specialized in covering contemporary chart hits.   He then teamed up with Hungry Wolf and Rumpelstiltskin for several albums to revive his own sagging recording career.

In 1971 Peter signed with Penny Farthing Records and changed his stage name to Daniel Boone.   The singer - songwriter's first release for them was a "Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast".   This would be his highest UK charting song as it peaked at # 17.   After a failed attempt for a follow up single, Daniel Boone then teamed up with Rod McQueen to write "Beautiful Sunday".   Released in March of 1972 it peeked at # 21 in the UK and # 15 in the US Billboard charts.   While the song charted in close to twenty countries, in Germany it was most popular as it held the # 1 spot for five weeks.   The follow up single "Annabelle" [originally co written by David Byron] which was redone and recorded in German also did very well.

The first meeting of a young David Garrick [David Byron] and Daniel Boone [still going by the name Peter Lee Stirling at that time] was in late 1967 while doing session work.   Together they formed a team that would last until David's final days.   Through all the work for Avenue Records to the many unknown projects some great unknown things were recorded.   Under the name Daniel Boone he also appeared on David's solo work as well on "Baby Faced Killer".   The links found below will take you on a magical ride back in time to things most never knew existed.      

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