The Intergalactic Orchestra

In 1979 David Byron and Daniel Boone released their first full length LP Super Nova in the attempt to cash in on the techno / disco dance music that was popular throughout the world.   This would be the second of three projects listed that seemed to run hand and hand during that attempt.  The project itself was a direct spinoff from the members who experimented with the Warloard material as the song I Shall Return was the B side for most of those singles.  A question comes up if these projects were discussed and original ideas for the work started during the recording of "Baby Faced Killer" which was being recorded at the same time that they started this venture the year before and at the same studio.  It also involves heavy influence by Muff Murfin who also was part of those sessions.  This would appear to be the first thing officially released with David actually listed using the alias name of Mark Oxford.   Questions also come into play on the credits since most of musicians weren't listed.   It's suspected that Alan Caddy would have been part of this project too.

The Super Nova LP itself was preempted by the release of the single Star Probe Navigator, this song was a direct remake of the Warlord song The Ultimate Warlord but with full verses and intent to explore the music further.   This version and the album itself had some good response from the audience it was geared to in the UK.   Not near the attention of the original over time but the music is more techno rather than disco as it's now classified as.   Some of the clips are pretty interesting and Star Flying has a definite Pink Floyd feel to it.  This album has a nice flow and provides some interesting bits of music, far beyond anything David ever attempted in his career. 

The original LP is extremely rare and sales for a rather high price tag in most places that have it.  The album was remastered in Germany by Vertigoflight and released again as a limited edition LP in March 2011.      

Recorded at The Old Smithy / Worechester
Original Release: Palm Records [PALM 7003] in 1979



Mark Oxford:  Vocals and Keyboards
Daniel Boone:  Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion
Muff Murfin:  Backing Vocals

Other musician credits are unknown at this time.

Produced By:  Daniel Boone
Engineered By:  Brad Davis, Colin Owen
Executive Producer:  Muff Murfin
Artwork By:  Werbeteam Harald Heinrichs
Special thanks to the Birmingham Midland Orchestra 
P.S. 3 cheers for Volker and Eddy

1979 Blacksmith Happy Face Music


Track Listing:  (sound files marked in yellow)

Side One:

1.  Star Probe Navigator  [Daniel Boone / Mark Oxford]  4:45
Time Slip  [Colin Owen, Muff Murfin]  8:13
3.  Talk Down  [Daniel Boone / Mark Oxford]  6:37
Endless Journey  [Daniel Boone / Mark Oxford]  4:47

Side Two:

1.  Demon God [ Daniel Boone / Mark Oxford]  6:40
2.  Silver Star  [Daniel Boone / Mark Oxford]  3:40
Heroes Return  [Daniel Boone / Mark Oxford]  3:58
4.  I Shall Return  [Colin Owen / Muff Murfin]  3:00
Star Flying  [Daniel Boone / Mark Oxford]  5:31


German Picture Sleeve Single of "Star Probe Navigator"

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