During that strange period of 1978 - 1983 David Byron and Daniel Boone started experimenting in an attempt to cash in on the techno / disco dance music that was popular throughout the world.   This would be the start of those projects that seemed to run hand and hand in that attempt and this one led to a full LP as a direct spinoff with The Intergalactic Orchestra project.  

Originally released in the UK with only two songs, it became a series of singles and maxi singles with extended versions.   David's vocals would be credited to the name of Mark Oxford but that is never mentioned on any of releases found so far.   Only the writing and production credits are mentioned.   Daniel Boone, Muff Murfin and Colin Owen are credited with writing but the name is tied into him on several collectors websites.  David may have also asked that he not be included for contract reasons since he was in the process of recording his second solo album at the same time.  The track The Ultimate Warlord seems to have been a big success and the original singles are big collector items.  

This particular dance song was so popular it has been remixed and redone by other artists as well.  The Immortals in 1979 originally redid it and it was released again under that name in 1988.   It was also rerecorded by Little Casper & the MX in 1981.   There is no information to link any of the original participants of the original project to the remakes. 

In 1981 under the name Warlord another single release immerged credited to Muff Murfin and Colin Owen.   It's unclear at this point if David Byron or Daniel Boone had anything to do with that release.   A  7" single on Creole Records [CR 18] with the songs Alpha and Omega on side A and Black Knight of side B.   All production and writing credits are credited to Murfin and Owen.     

Recorded at The Old Smithy / Worechester in 1978
Releases Known: Birds Nest Records 7" single [BN 106], Phillips 7" single [6025 214],  CBS 7" single [CBS 7104], CBS 7" Promo [CBS S 7104], CBS 12" Maxi [12.7104], Mercury 7" single [6198 250]



Mark Oxford:  Vocals and Keyboards
Daniel Boone:  Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion
Muff Murfin:  Backing Vocals

Produced By:  Muff Murfin
Arranged By:  Daniel Boone
Published By: Moonbeam Music, Magazine Music, Happy Face Music *

* - Depending upon release.

Any other musician or label credits are unknown at this time

Track Listing:  (sound files marked in yellow)

Side One:

The Ultimate Warlord  [Daniel Boone]  3:27

Side Two:

I Shall Return  [Colin Owen / Muff Murfin]  3:02 


Other Single Releases:

Phillips Italian Single Release Cover 


Holland CBS 12" Maxi Single Release Cover 

Mercury Records US Single Release

Other Remixes and Releases Under Different Names:


The Immortals 1988 extended remix version 


Little Casper & the MX 1981 extended remix version


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