The period of 1979 - 1980 for David Byron and Daniel Boone continued with further experiments as the third and final attempt was made cash in on the current music popular in the late 70s.  This particular project is pure disco or dance music and it would seem Daniel Boone was the main one who should be credited for most of the music.  Due to contractual reasons David continued to use the name  Mark Oxford like the two proceeding projects.  Where the name came from however is a mystery but an attempt to find that information is being made.   It appears that the musicians in question learned how to masquerade under different names from all the previous session work from their perspective careers.  They called upon a name from a decade past in Alan Caddy [former guitarist with the Tornadoes and the main session musician behind the Avenue Records material].    Alan also remixed some of the material in Canada at Thunder Sound Studios as well.  

Originally the first release of any known work from these sessions was the single "Michael Angelo" which was released with the spelling as "Teknique".   A picture sleeve single [pictured below] featured a photo of David and Daniel along with their wives Gaby and Lelly; who also did backing vocals on the work.   This was an extension of the Warlord and Intergalactic Orchestra projects as Muff Murfin again contributes backing vocals, production and other studio credits.  The first releases were done in Canada, Benelux, Germany and the UK and later on 1983 remixes were released in Holland and the US.    Other extended version remixes also were released on maxi singles.   Without any acclaim to the voice found on this work, no mention has ever came up on any David or Uriah Heep related link that this was a David Byron documented piece of work.

Adding this to your collection would be an expensive  endeavor as these records are extremely hard to find.  The name Technique has been used multiple times by other artists so that also can confuse the search.   One last note, the song Looking For Someone to Love (Tonight) was covered on a single released in the UK by Quartzlock in 1988. 

Recorded: 1979 - 1980 at The Old Smithy in Worecester
* Released 1979 to 1983 by: Retro Records,
CBS Records, Arial Records, Epic Records,
Inter Global Music and ERC Records

* - Releases vary with country, format and date.   The release numbers also contradict listing without further detail. 



Mark Oxford: Vocals and Keyboards
Daniel Boone: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion
Alan Caddy: Guitar, Bass
Horus Jack Tolson: Additional Keyboards and Synthesizer
David Frazier: Additional Percussion
Muff Murfin: Backing Vocals
Lelly Boone: Backing Vocals
Gabriele Byron: Backing Vocals

Produced By: Muff Murfin, Daniel Boone and Alan Caddy
Remixed By: Horus Jack Tolson, Kirk Hawkes, Michael Lewis and Alan Caddy
Custom Audio: Patrick Duran
Engineer: Colin Owen
Arranged By: Rob Warren, Ian Terry and Marc Andrews
Executive Producer: Craig Morey

Some remixing: Thunder Sound Studio, Toronto, Canada
1979 Black and White / Happy Face Music

All credits depend upon the mix or release of the recordings; additional credit information is incomplete

Track listing: (Sound files marked in yellow)

Side A:

1.  Can We Try Again  [D. Boone / M. Oxford] 5:57
Movie Star  [D. Boone / M. Oxford] 5:32
Time Is Of The Essence  [D. Boone / M. Oxford] 3:40
4.  Now And Then [D. Boone] 3:32
5.  I've Got A Lot On My Mind [Bryden] 3:37

Side B:

1.  Michael Angelo  [D. Boone / M. Oxford] 3:26
2.  No Strings [D. Boone / M. Oxford] 4:35
3.  Light Fantastic [D. Boone / M. Oxford] 3:16
Livin' In The City [Bryden] 3:07
Looking For Someone To Love (Tonight)  [D. Boone / M. Oxford] 4:34

Picture Sleeve Singles:

1979 Teknique CBS picture sleeve single of "Michael Angelo"


1983 French ERC Release of "Can We Try Again"


1979 Inter Global Music maxi single of "Can We Try Again"


1983 Arial Release of "Can We Try Again"


1984 ERC Records Sweden Single Release of Michael Angelo

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