The Chrysalis Compendium

From what is now known about this compilation of work which was put together of demos recorded by various artists for the Chrysalis label, it leaves you wondering why was this done if not for the fact it was given away for promotion.  Comprised of 28 tracks [all cut short to allow for more material to be included] it contained a four page lyric sheet in the sleeve.   The 1975 release was put together as a demo disc that was not intended for commercial sale.   Mainly comprised of lesser known artist most of the songs were commercially oriented.   The LP was subtitled as The Sound of Hush due to the mellow nature of most tracks. 

Along with Daniel Boone, David recorded three tracks that were recorded well before this release.  The credits list Daniel Boone's name under his real name Peter Green and the name he used through 1971 in Peter Stirling.   All three tracks are considerably shorter than what the original recording would have been and none were recorded by this label but we suspect they purchased rights to a lot of demos sold off by other labels after a few years.

The first track included was "Babe That Ain't Enough For Me".   Originally it was released as a "B" side to the demo 7" single "Why Did You Leave Me" under the artist title of Muff.   Traced to a release in 1971 on the Mother label in the UK but most likely would have been recorded in 1970 like the other two.   Location of the information on this release is difficult and it remains in question if it would have been released on Bell Records as well.   The second song, "Sing A Little Sunshine Song" was previously issued on the Faint Heart and Fair Lady Band demo 7" single.   That promo single recorded in 1970 on Bell Records appears to be the exact same song except for the shortened length, the original was timed at 3:43 while the version here cuts off at 2:09.  The third number was originally released as a demo 45" single by the artist name of Platinum on the Bell label.  "Without You" originally ran for 2:59 but the version this album only times out at 1:19.   

All of this information solves the mystery of the demos contained on this album but only opens a door to further questions on what else is missing in the Byron / Boone collaboration catalogue.   All the information has now been relocated to a section titled, "The Bell Singles and Demos".      


Tracks with Byron's vocals:

1. Babe That Ain't Enough For Me [David Byron & Peter Green]
2. Sing A Little Sunshine Song [David Byron & Peter Green]
3. Without You [David Byron & Peter Stirling] 


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