The Groupie Girl Soundtrack

This is one of those type projects that make you just wonder why.   A very cheesy movie that was filmed in 1970 on the story line of the groupies that hung around rock bands.   Written by Derek Ford along with former groupie Suzanne Mercer the film stared Esme Jones [who played the groupie Sally], Donald Sumpter and the band Opal Butterfly.   The movie itself didn't have that much success at the box office but sort of became a cult type film.  It was released in December 1970 in the US by American International by the name "I Am A Groupie" and later on in France it was released in 1973 as "Les demi-sels de la perversion".   That version translated to "The Pimps of Perversion" contained sex scenes that were not in original film.

The movie score contained three songs written by Peter Lee Stirling and David Byron.  The opening of the film which can be viewed at the embed video at the bottom of this page contains credits to the work done by them and can be viewed at 2:19 mark of the video.   The original LP release of the soundtrack was on Polydor Records [2384 021] credited the work under the name of Virgin Stigma;  however any writing credit to David Byron was omitted on the vinyl release.  Either the tracks were rewritten or this was done due to contract issues with Bron Records.  A remake of the album was later released of the soundtrack but omitted all work done by Stirling and Byron.  The original LP release is extremely rare and would be a major collectors item to have in your collection.


Original Credits:

Written by:  Derek Ford and Suzanne Mercer
Directed by:  Derek Ford

Starring:  Donald Sumpter, Esme Jones, Billy Boyle, Richard Shaw, James Beck, Paul Bacon, Neil Hallett, Flanagan, Eliza Terry and Belinda Caren.

All Music Produced by:  Ashley Kozak & John Fiddy

Released: June 1970
Running Time: 87 Minutes

Original Movie Score Tracks:

1.  Groupie Girl, It Doesn't Matter What You Do 
Got A Lot Of Life
Love Me, Give Me A Little

Original DVD release of "Groupie Girl"

"I Am A Groupie" US Poster from 1971


Danish "Groupie Girl" Poster from 1971

Original German "Groupie Girl" Poster from 1970

Original Film Opening Credits:

The original opening of the film with a song written by Peter Lee Stirling and David Byron.   Pay attention to the 2:19 mark of the video.


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