Daniel Boone Solo Material

It most be noted that David did some work with Daniel Boone on his solo releases as well.   This list is incomplete since there have to be more that have never been discussed or surfaced yet.   Any information we obtain we will share as time passes and please be patient as we are searching daily for other input.

Daniel Boone's Annabelle single

Annabelle picture sleeve German single release


The original song appeared on the Bell single of Blair Emry in 1970 with David as co-writer and vocalist.   That song was rewritten and recorded by Daniel Boone for a single release in 1972.  It was also recorded with a version in German that was very popular.  The music and melody appear to be the same but the lyrics are much different.   You can also hear how close his voice sounded to David's with this song.   This also may have been done in this fashion since Uriah Heep were at the peek of their success during this point and due to contract reasons.   This track is presented for comparison purposes only and with no intent to question the credits.


1.  Annabelle  [D. Boone / R. McQueen]  3:10

Penny Farthing Records [6067 034]
Produced By:  Larry Page
1972 Stirling / McQueen LTD.


Daniel Boone's Round And Round single

Made In Hollywood picture sleeve German single release


First recorded in 1978 and released on Rampage Records in UK the song Round And Round is co-written by David Byron.  It appears he did backing vocals on the song as well.   

It was also released as a B side to the single Made In Hollywood [picture sleeve left].   


1.  Round And Round  [Daniel Boone / David Byron]  3:08

Rampage Records LTD  [RAM 14A]
Boone Music Ltd.

Round and Round UK single release


Morning Glory / Munday Street

Rare demo of Munday Street by Morning Glory


This appears to be a Daniel Boone project.  The song Munday Street written by David Byron and Peter Lee Stirling was put on the "B" side to the single "The Green, Green Grass Is Dying"; which wasn't written by Byron / Stirling.   Released on February 26, 1971 the music director is listed as Peter Lee Stirling but little else is known on this Chapter 1 demo from the Decca Records label.

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