Unauthorized Live Audio Recordings Featuring David Byron

Unauthorized recordings from David Byron's career [we prefer to keep away from calling these bootlegs since that implicates that the recordings are available for sale * ].  It's understood that recording a live concert without consent of the band is illegal and in fact it's stealing.  Yet we can argue also that the treatment most artist received from the labels, the management and the amount of income paid to them for their work was stealing too.   That however is a whole new argument yet we look at the picture as being not a victim of pirated recordings but a beneficiary of the work.

Many of these files linked to the pages below are the only known live source of certain songs and the track listing of each provide the set lists for that particular show.   These recording have some merit to the facts that are found within.  Notice that the listings are from the date and venue only, not from a bootleg title.  Most are just audience tapes or from a radio or TV broadcast.  Few were actual silver disc bootlegs, but those are noted in the information of date listed if known.  The sound of these recordings varied by great degree but each contained a glimpse of a memorable night.   A look into that segment of the recorded sound and how the songs were transformed over time.  Enjoy the information and contact us if you know of other items that may be included or shared.  

Our special thanks goes out to Konstantinos Takos for his help in correction of incorrect date listings and venues.

* - Please read the disclaimer at bottom of the page.

001 BBC Session Part I 5-May-70
002 Discothek 'Count Down' /  Berlin, Germany 29-Dec-70
003 Rheingoldhalle / Neckarau, Germany 14-Mar-71
004 Otto-Bernt-Halle / Darmstant, Germany 15-Mar-71
005 Volkshaus / Basel, Switzerland 06-May-71
006 Volkshaus / Zurich, Switzerland 07-May-71
007 Saar-Mosel-Halle / Konz, Germany 26-Sep-71
008 Meistersingerhalle / Nuremberg, Germany 27-Sep-71
009 BBC Session Part II 20-Oct-71
010 Swing Auditorium / San Bernardino, CA 29-Jan-72
011 Columbia, South Carolina USA 27-Feb-72
012 Youngstown, Ohio USA 1-Feb-72
013 Stadthalle / Heidelberg, Germany 5-Apr-72
014 Musikhalle / Hamburg, Germany 16-Apr-72
015 Münsterlandhalle / Münster, Germany 3-May-72
016 Insel Grun / Germersheim, Germany 21-May-72
017 Bijou Theater /  US TV Soundtrack 10-Aug-72
018 Falkoner Teatret / Copenhagen, Denmark 31-Jan-73
019 Sportpalast / Berlin, Germany 7-Feb-73
020 Budokan / Tokyo, Japan 16-Mar-73
021 Nagoyashii Kokaido / Nagoya, Japan 19-Mar-73
022 Koseinnenkin / Osaka, Japan 21-Mar-73
023 Mehrzweckhalle / Zofinger, Switzerland 3-Jun-73
024 Radstadion / Frankfurt, Germany 11-Jun-73
025 Midnight Special / US TV Soundtrack 5-Aug-73
026 Exposition Building / Portland, Maine 19-Aug-73
027 In Concert [US TV Soundtrack] Hofstra University / Hampstead, NY 22-Aug-73
028 War Memorial Auditorium / Buffalo, New York 25-Aug-73
029 Sports Arena / San Diego, CA [Recorded from King Biscuit]  08-Feb-74
030 Don Kirshner's Rock Concert [US TV Soundtrack] Shepperton Film Studios, Shepperton 15-Mar-74
031 Grona Lunden / Stockholm, Sweden 17-May-74
032 Stadthalle / Vienna, Austria 17-Jun-74
033 Festival Hall / Brisbane, Australia 25-Nov-74
034 Ahoy Sprotpales / Rotterdam, Holland 7-Jun-75
035 Grundighalle / Feurth, Germany 20-Jun-75
036 The Arena / Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 24-Aug-75
037 Don Kirshner's Rock Concert / US TV Soundtrack 1-Sep-75
038 Central Park / New York City, New York, USA 3-Sep-75
039 Guildhall / Preston, England 2-Dec-75
040 De Montfort Hall / Liecester, England 3-Dec-75
041 Jaap Edenhal / Amsterdam Holland 17-Feb-76
042 Orpheum Theatre / Boston, MA 6-May-76
043 Pinkpop Festival / Geleen, Holland 7-Jun-76
044 Rough Diamond / Agora Ballroom / Cleveland, OH 27-Jun-77
045 Rough Diamond / Detroit, MI 28-Jun-77

Disclaimer:  Please note:  These recordings are not for sale.  Do not contact us with request to purchase.  Most of what we have listed is can be obtained though common trading, we have no control nor wish to be held responsible for what others do just for the love of obtaining more then what is officially offered for commercial sale.