Munster, Germany 1972

Remastered complete concert.  Partial concert tracks have been circulated as Byron's Lost Poem, Time Was Gypsy Eyes and on BBC Sessions & Live.  This show marked the debut of Rock N' Roll Medley (which became a trademark on Live 73) and Lady In Black.  

The rare item here, may be Lady In Black.  Not the normal acoustic version, it starts out that way, Hensley on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, the same old rendition.  Something changes around the 5 minute mark as the crowd is doing the normal "Ah, ah, ahhhh, ah, ahhhh, ah, ah".  The band gets into the rocking mode, speeds up and up and up till (check the sound file) it provides us with a really fast version of this classic song.  Was it preformed more times in this fashion?  We have no idea yet. 

Date:  May 3,1972
Grade:  B
Sound:  Remastered
Total Running Time:  101 minutes 29 Seconds
Source:  Audience Recording
Artwork:  CHA Remaster Vol. 1

Lineup / Credits:

David Byron:  Lead Vocals
Ken Hensley:  Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mick Box:  Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gary Thain:  Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Lee Kerslake:  Drums, Backing Vocals


Track Listing:

Disc One:

1. Bird Of Prey
2. I Wanna Be Free
3. Easy Livin'
July Morning *
5. Tears In My Eyes
6. Improvisation
7. Rainbow Demon
The Wizard *

Disc Two:

1. Gypsy
2. Look At Yourself
Lady In Black *
4. Love Machine
Rock N' Roll Medley *

* - Sound File


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