Nagoya, Japan

Part Two of the Japan 73 recordings.  This is the complete show from this date.  Very good audience recording and another nice piece of history.  Contains a full version of Rock N' Roll Medley and a 21 minute version of Gypsy with great improvisation.


Date:  March 19, 1973
  Nagoyashii Kokaido
Sound:  Original Source
Total Running Time:  87 minutes 07 Seconds
Source:  Audience Recording
Artwork:  Unknown

David Byron:  Lead Vocals
Ken Hensley:  Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mick Box:  Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gary Thain:  Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Lee Kerslake:  Drums, Backing Vocals


Track Listing:

Disc One:

1. Sunrise
Sweet Lorraine *
3. Traveller In Time
4. Easy Livin'
5. July Morning 
Gypsy *
7. Tears In My Eyes
8. Circle Of Hands
9. Look At Yourself

Disc Two:

1. Love Machine
Rock N' Roll Medley *

* - Sound File

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