Copenhagen, Denmark

This is a suspected soundboard source, which appears to be an incomplete recording that someone has taken great care to rearrange the songs that are included.  A couple of awkward transitions between songs are the first tip-off.  More noticeably however, the last note of Love Machine is edited on the end of Circle Of Hands.  That is odd because the rest of Love Machine isn't included.  Next, Byron's comments are edited to make Gypsy seem to be an encore.  We guess the editor felt Gypsy would make a better track to end on than Circle Of Hands but it's kind of annoying to have a show of this quality doctored in this way. 


Date:  January 31,1973
Grade:  A
Sound:  Remastered
Total Running Time:  60 minutes 17 Seconds
Source:  Soundboard
Artwork:  CHA Remaster Vol. 2

Lineup / Credits:

David Byron:  Lead Vocals
Ken Hensley:  Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mick Box:  Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gary Thain:  Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Lee Kerslake:  Drums, Backing Vocals


Track Listing:

Sunrise *
2. Traveller In Time
3. Easy Livin'
4. Sweet Lorraine
5. July Morning
6. Tears In My Eyes
Circle Of Hands *
Gypsy (With Improvisation) *
9. Gypsy (Reprise)

* - Sound File

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