Meeting other Heep fans.  I think we all had the same reaction, "you mean
someone besides me remember them or care".  Well it happens and the
best fan base known in rock n' roll support the efforts of Uriah Heep, the
associated artist and each other.  Join in if you get a chance to attend one.

Please note that this section in no way down plays the importance of
meetings such as the Stay On Top club in Germany, Circle of Hands
in Japan, or the Gathering of Friends in England.


Pittsburgh, PA / May 17, 1997
The first meeting of Heepsters, a small
group but this meeting led to many
larger such events.

St. Louis, MO / October 10-11, 1997
The first official Heepvention, complete
with jam band, fellowship and many
lasting memories.

Cleveland, Ohio / May 25, 1998
The Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame was a stop
during the onslaught of Heepsters.  Another
complete master meeting.

July Mornings, 1999
A week long event capped off by an official
jam night on Saturday.  Featured guest
appearance by John & Iris Lawton.  The
Heepster Jam Band took a major stride with
the addition of John's vocals for the evening.

London England / May 6 - 7, 2000

The events kept getting bigger, this one topped
the previous one with the first ever performance
of the Hensley / Lawton Band. 

MagiciansBirthday.jpg (142467 bytes)

Due to the USA Uriah Heep Tour in the
summer of 2001, no official Heepvention
was scheduled.  Instead fans made up 
Mini-Heepventions at concerts in various 
spots around the country. 

Then the Magician's Birthday Party.

hv02offlogo.jpg (65600 bytes)

Trenton, NJ / October 4, 2002
The mother of all Heepventions took place.
A great turn out of Heepsters for the 
Classic Rock Festival
were treated to a 
visit from the band themselves. 


heepvention03.jpg (53152 bytes)


Anaheim CA / October 2003
Finally a Heepvention taking place in CA.
After planning and waiting for several years
the west coast of the US got it's chance.




Concord, NC / July 24th, 2004
Another success story in the long line
of Heepventions.  What is next?



Knoxville, TN / August 6 & 7
Another successful adventure into the past,
visit the official website for details.


Perrysburg, OH / August 5 & 6
This years event is in the planning stage,
visit the official webpages for details


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