All videos now have the final audio mix from the CD.   The previous videos with demo mixes included have been removed from here and Youtube.   More videos will appear soon, so keep close watch.    

At present we only have two more videos to add and the entire CD will be up.   Please understand that the videos are intended to be a visual representation of the work but most have nothing to do with the writing content or the meaning of the song itself.  So we don't take it personal on that side of the measure, neither should you.

1.  Cries In Winter's Rain:  The first video release from our upcoming CD being recorded.  Rhythm guitar by Mac Steagall, lead vocals by Jon Binder, drums by Staf Pypen, Hammond and moog by Jim Lynch, lead guitar by Keith Shaw.   Backing vocals have Daniele Rossi, Claudia Dani, Keith Shaw and Jon Binder. 



2.  City Of Fools:  A hard hitting rocker and the opening track on the CD.   Highlighted by a lead solo from Erol Sora; rhythm guitar from Mac Steagall, lead and rhythm guitar from Rob Dwyer, drums by Staf Pypen, keyboards from Dave White, bass by Michael 'Muzzy' Fedysky and vocals from Jon Binder.



3.  I Smell Rain:   This song was intended to be an electric acoustic ballad similar to Led Zeppelin material, I think it came close but it exceeded the expectations for what we wanted.   Vocals by Jon Binder; with rhythm guitar and bass by Mac Steagall, keyboards from Dave White, drums by Staf Pypen and lead slide guitar solo from Jeff Reid.  



4.  The Bridge:   This was the first track finished when we originally starting recording material for the project in 2007.   Features lead guitar from Dave White, vocals from Brad Todd, rhythm guitar & bass from Mac Steagall, with Hammond keyboards by Jim 'Flapper' Lynch.  



5.  Enchanted:  The music used for this was recorded at my home in 2007, originally Rob Dwyer wrote this in 1988 but redid this version that was used to write lyrics to for this CD.  So please note that the music is copywrited by Rob.  Jon Binder did a great job on vocals and Cynthia Marshall added violin and Mac Steagall did a soft bass line to add the finishing touch to what is one of two outstanding ballads for the final CD.



6.  Woke Up Dead:  The lyrics were originally written in 2007 for this song.   Mac Steagall did the rhythm guitar music arrangement a year ago and we had Jon Binder complete the vocals.   After Erol Sora added his rhythm and lead guitar the track took shape to what it should be.  Featured musicians are Jim 'Flapper' Lynch with Hammond and moog synthesizer, bass guitar by Michael 'Muzzy' Fedysky, additional guitar by Simon Dickenson and drums by Fred 'Jam' [who also helped with the mixing of this track].  



7.  Gotta Get Away:  This started as a Zeppelin type guitar riff, very dry with cowbell all the way through.  After Dave White became involved in the song it shaped up as he added extra keyboards, rhythm and lead guitar.  Thanks to Mac Steagall for help in writing it and his basic rhythm guitar, Jon Binder for his vocals, Jim 'Flapper' Lynch for Hammond, Staf Pypen for drums, Cynthia Marshall for violin and Simon Dickenson for his additional guitars.   The best however is with thanks to Michael 'Muzzy' Fedysky for his bass lines.   A very cool addition.




8.  Happiness 101:  Another acoustic electric mid level rock song.   Mac Steagall wrote the riff for the song but after Simon Dikenson added lead guitar, this one ended up with a southern rock feel, so it needed an extra touch.   Dave Powell provided that with slide guitar similar to an Allman Brothers song.   Jon Binder again gave us outstanding vocals, Jim 'Flapper' Lynch did a marvolous job on Hammond, Michael 'Muzzy' Fedysky provided bass and Staf Pypen topped it off on drums.



Stay tuned for more soon........