The Bridge

[Lyrics by Ron Mann]  ©2012 CHA Promotions

Fingers in the socket, hand upon the switch
Standing in the water, eyes begin to twitch
Lights flash around you, no place to hide
Burn bridges behind you, canít reach the other side

Stuck in the tailwind, where did you go wrong
Trying to understand, whereís it all gone
Sirens are sounding, echoes in your ear
Burn bridges behind you, nothing left to fear

Faded faces are distant, dissolved in the mind
Now you canít remember, why itís all left behind
Wrinkles in the shadows, all chained to the wall
Burn bridges behind you, shorter distance to fall

Cracks in the concrete, seal them with a smile
The hourglass is empty, sand neatly in a pile
Handwritten on plastic, itís all stored away
Burn bridges behind you, no need for yesterday