Happiness 101

[Lyrics by Ron Mann]   ©2012 CHA Promotions

Let your mind float away from there
For once act like you care
Look deep into the other side
Baked, boiled, stirred or fried?

Pick your battles and letís choose sides
Just another amusement ride
The easy way out is placing the blame
Everybodyís sick of the game

It became to difficult to play your game
The rules were never the same
So I quit playing and left you alone
Take your ball and go home

So sit down with me, talk this out
Thereís no reason for you to shout
Words cut deeper than a knife could
Take it and use it as you should

The past happened so long ago
I donít know about you but I let go
Cling to memories and crack a smile
Search for a way to go out in style