The Current Working Members



Ron Mann:   Lyricist, Concept, Executive Producer, 
                    Web Design, Video Production, Marketing




Mac Steagall: Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Producer, Marketing

Allie Cat Segars:  Lyricist, Marketing, Video Production




Jon Binder: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals



Jim ‘Flapper’ Lynch: Hammond, Piano and Moog Synthesizer




Michael ‘Muzzy’ Fedysky: Bass Guitar  

Keith Shaw:  Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals




Staf Pypen: Drums


Other Current Credits:

Sammi 'Runninghorse' White:  Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals

Frank Plymale:  Acoustic Guitar

Daniele Rossi: Backing Vocals, Harmonies

Claudia Dani: Backing Vocals, Harmonies

David Grant:  Graphic Arts Assistance



Past Contributors:



Dave White: Keyboards, Rhythm and Lead Guitar




Rob Dwyer: Acoustic, Rhythm and Lead Guitar



Jeff Reid: Lead and Slide Guitar




Erol Sora: Rhythm and Lead Guitar  


Brad Todd: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Mastering




David Powell:  Slide Guitar  


Graham Hulme: Lyrical Contribution and Backing Vocals




Cynthia Marshall: Violin  


Simon Dickenson: Lead Guitar




Fred ‘Jam’: Drums