After the release of Broken Dreams And Titan Doors we immediately started to work on putting together more music.    The goal was to use a more consistent lineup rotation and complete the work in a much quicker time frame.    After many personal, health and outside issues we finally finished recording in September 2014 and the CD is now available to ship. 

The CD will be a beautiful digipack design with a 24 page booklet.   100 Posters are being made to distribute with the first 100 sold.   

Pre-orders are now being accepted below through Paypal.   

Recorded January 2013 - September 2014
Recorded at:  Home studios in the USA & Belgium
All Tracks ©2014 CHA Productions 

Lyrics:  Ron Mann & Allie Cat Segars 
Rhythm Guitar:  Keith Shaw, Mac Steagall 
Acoustic Guitar: Frank Plymale, Keith Shaw, Mac Steagall
Lead Guitar: Keith Shaw, Mac Steagall, Dave White
Slide Guitar: Keith Shaw
Vocals:  Jon Binder, Keith Shaw, Sammi Runninghorse White
Hammond, Moog Synthesizer, Piano:  Jim 'Flapper' Lynch
Bass:  Michael 'Muzzy' Fedysky, Mac Steagall
Drums:  Staf Pypen
Harmonica: Keith Shaw

Backing Vocals: Jon Binder, Keith Shaw, 
Sammi RunningHorse White, Danieli Rossi & Claudia Dani

Produced By:  Mac Steagall
Executive Producer:  Ron Mann

Mastering Engineer: Ron Mann
Artwork and Design: Ron Mann
Photography: Ron Mann and Allie Cat Segars
Additional Mixing Credits:  Staf Pypen
Graphic Arts Assistance: David Grant


Track Listing:  

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01:  Time [Mann / Segars / Steagall]  5:46
My Song [Binder / Lynch / Mann / Steagall]  4:43
Forever in the Night [Mann / Segars]  6:48
Cries in Winters Rain [Mann / Segars / Steagall]  4:54
It's all my Fault [Lynch / Mann / Segars]  5:23
Battles [Binder / Mann / Segars / Steagall]  4:19
Tuesday's Skies [Mann / Segars / Steagall]  6:27
       BIAGTD [Mann / Segars / Steagall]  
Part I - Vortex  4:48
Part II - Reading Propaganda 4:59
10:  Part III - Two Shilling a A Six Pence  4:43
11:  Part IV - Lost in a Fog  3:32
Wilderness of the Fallen [Mann / Segars / Steagall]  5:37
Searching for an Angel [Plymale / Mann / Segars / S. White]  4:50
Courtyards of the Past [Mann / Segars / Steagall]  4:03


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