At the time of Winter Solstice, the point where the Mayan Calendar ends many predicted this was the end.   Well yes it was, "The Mayans knew something".   With this date we present the first CD in The Harms Way Project series.  11 tracks, 56 minutes of pure classic rock in the tradition established by the pioneers of an era.  It took ten years from the beginning of the concept to get this far, seven years in the making from friends spanning four countries and nine US states.  

This is the first in a planned multiple disc project.   It's not about money here, only the art of making music the old fashion way and leaving something behind.  All we want is for you to hear it.  The CD is packaged with a special 20 page booklet and offered in a limited quantity on this website first.  Check the Harms Way Store section for your chance to own an original.


Recorded August 2005 - November 2012
Recorded at:  Various home studios in the USA,
Canada, the UK and Belgium
All Tracks ©2012 CHA Promotions [excpet 3, 5 & 7 which
the music is ©2012 Rob Dwyer]

Lyrics:  Ron Mann [all except track 10 co-written by Graham Hulme]
Rhythm Guitar:  Mac Steagall, Rob Dwyer, Erol Sora and Dave White
Acoustic Guitar: Rob Dwyer
Lead Guitar: Rob Dwyer, Dave White, Erol Sora, Jeff Reid and Simon Dikenson
Slide Guitar: Jeff Reid, David Powell
Vocals:  Jon Binder [all except tracks 4 & 6 by Brad Todd]
Keyboards:  Jim 'Flapper' Lynch, Dave White
Bass:  Mac Steagall, Michael 'Muzzy' Fedysky
Drums:  Staf Pypen, Fred 'Jam'
Violin: Cynthia Marshall

Produced By:  Mac Steagall
Executive Producer:  Ron Mann

Mastering Engineer: Brad Todd
Artwork and Design: Ron Mann
Additional Mixing Credits:  Graham Hulme and
Geert Fieuw


Track Listing:  

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01:  City Of Fools [Mann / Steagall]  5:37
I Smell Rain [Mann / Steagall]  4:27
Reminiscence Pt. I [Dwyer / Mann]  1:42
The Bridge [Mann / Steagall]  4:19
Reminiscence Pt. II [Dwyer / Mann]  2:57
06:  WYGITMYD [Mann / Steagall]  14:56
Pt. I - Prelude: Never Judge A Book By Its Cover
Pt. II - Monolith:  A Scheme Within' A Dream
Pt. III - Pinnacle:  Don't Tread On Me
Pt. IV - Aftermath: Do As I Say Do, Not As I Do

Enchanted [Mann / Dwyer]  4:29
Woke Up Dead [Mann / Steagall]  4:52
Gotta' Get Away [Mann / Steagall]  5:34
Audience Of One [Hulme / Mann / White]  3:22
Happiness 101 [Mann / Steagall]  3:54

"Yes the Mayans knew something"


© 2005 - 2012 CHA Promotions