Ruissalo, Turku, Finland


Date:  August 12, 1978
  Ruisrock Festival
Grade:  B+
Sound:  Remastered
Total Running Time:  70 minutes 46 Seconds
Source:  Audience
Echoes In The Dark

Track Listing:

1. Free N' Easy 
2. Sympathy
3. Stealin'
Look At Yourself
5. Lady In Black
6. The Wizard 
July Morning
8. Free Me 
9. Who Needs Me
10. Easy Livin'
11. Sweet Lorraine

Lineup / Credits:  Mick Box (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals) / John Lawton (Lead Vocals) / Ken Hensley (Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals) / Trevor Bolder (Bass, Backing Vocals) / Lee Kerslake (Drums, Backing Vocals)

Comments:  Probably one of the best sounding audience recordings to exist from the Lawton era.  A compete set and an excellent representation of the of last leg of the Innocent Victim tour.  

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