Neckarau, Germany


Date:  March 14, 1971
Grade:  B-
Sound:  Remastered
Total Running Time:  61 minutes 21 Seconds
Source:  Audience Recording
  Echoes In The Dark

Track Listing:
1. Bird Of Prey
2. Time To Live
3. So Nice  
5. Guitar Solo
Shadows Of Grief
7. Salisbury 
8. Gypsy

Lineup / Credits:  Mick Box (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals) / David Byron (Lead Vocals) / Ken Hensley (Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals) / Paul Newton (Bass, Backing Vocals) / Iain Clarke (Drums, Backing Vocals)


Circulated as Neckarsulm, Germany / May 14, 1971 on some traders lists, but this is the same source file and show.  Actual date is confirmed and on the other date listed the band was scheduled for The Temple in London, England.

This is a strong performance from the band and a great use of the set time they had available.  Plus this is the only version of Shadows Of Grief we have from this lineup at this point. 

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