Los Angeles, California

Date:  July 1, 1972
Wiskey A Go-Go
Grade:  A-
Sound:  Original recording
Total Running Time:  65 minutes 20 Seconds
Source:  Audience Recording
Artwork:  Reel Masters

Track Listing:
1. Bird Of Prey
Traveller In Time
3. Easy Livin'
4. July Morning
Tears In My Eyes
6. Gypsy
7. Look At Yourself
Love Machine
Rock N' Roll Medley  

Lineup / Credits:  Mick Box (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals) / David Byron (Lead Vocals) / Ken Hensley (Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals) / Gary Thain (Bass, Backing Vocals) / Lee Kerslake (Drums, Backing Vocals)


Surfacing in 2004 on a silver disc bootleg titled "Demons In America", this audience recording has the best sound of any during this period from the US.  Listed on the artwork it claims to be recorded at the Wiskey A Go-Go in July 1972, this date fits in with the official tour listings but some questions have been aired whether this is correct or not.  One thing that has brought up is during the last portion of Rock N' Roll Medley (listen to the sound file) Byron can be heard mentioning San Francisco.  If so, then two things are possible.  Either this was recorded on another date (although no date for San Francisco is found) or Byron was mistaken on which town they were in.  We will leave the original information up until we find further evidence.

Much longer then the set list played in the US earlier in the year, this appears to be a complete show.  The band was in great form and the audience reaction they received was much better then the earlier US tour.  The success of Demons and Wizards had to play into that with several tracks being included in the set.  A good version of July Morning, Gypsy (including keyboard solo), Love Machine and the complete Rock N' Roll Medley highlight this performance.    

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