BBC Sessions / Part II

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Date:  October 20, 1971
Maide Vale Studio 4
Grade:  A
Sound:  Original Source Tape
Time:  8 minutes 31 Seconds
Source:  Radio Broadcast
Artwork:  Unknown

Track Listing:
1. Look At Yourself
What Should Be Done

Lineup / Credits:  Mick Box (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals) / David Byron (Lead Vocals) / Ken Hensley (Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals) / Paul Newton (Bass Guitar, Backing / Vocals) / Iain Clarke (Drums, Backing Vocals)


Two separate BBC Sessions were recorded to promote the release of Look At Yourself.  Three tracks were recorded in the first of these sessions in May 1971.  No existing recordings of these tracks have been located to date.  Three additional songs were recorded in Maida Vale's Studio 4 on October 20, 1971.  Look At Yourself, What Should Be Done and July Morning were recorded for Mike Harding's Sounds of the Seventies Show and they originally aired on October 28, 1971.  

Recordings of only the first two of these songs have been located thus far.  They have been included on silver disc bootlegs of  BBC & Live and Magic Night.  Plus they have been recovered and remasted on the latest re-remaster release of Look At Yourself for official release.  

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