An Update With: 
Eddie St. James

Former LA guitarist/songwriter Eddie St James is currently working on 2 new releases, and has a brand new web site to check out!

At present Eddie is planning a new live CD with his band ‘The Little Gods’

The live CD [Live Confessions] will consist of 100% original material written by me, of course and performed by me and my band (keys: Peter Schnur, bass: Marcel Diehl, and drums: Gert Kirchgessner) and will be recorded live in Germany in the Rheinland/Pfalz area, most likely early in the new year 2002.”, notes St James.

Eddie also has plans for a special CD to be recorded, which he describes and note : “On my special CD I have so far planned to do an intrumental jazzie/funkie blues thing with the ex-guitarist from Dave Mason/Jefferson star plane-ship (Billy Goodman),ex-drummer(Prince), Jim Karr (ex-guitarist with the late John Lee Hooker). and I’m hoping to add a few other interesting people.”

St James’ band was voted ‘Best Band’ in the their region in June by .

Eddie’s qoute(s) for the day - "Happiness is not coincidental or fate, it's a decision and I've decided to be happy", adding...” I love the power of positive thinking. My favorite movie of all time is "Planet Of The  D-Cupps"!!, and like I say "love is like a glass of fresh milk, you just gotta enjoy it before it goes sour!’ - great sage-way from Planet Of The D-Cupps to the milk thing.”

For music, CDs, and more stuff on Eddie St James check out his new website at: