Doom Let Loose - An Illustrated History
Written By: Martin Popoff [ECW Press]
An extensive and detailed history of Black Sabbath from Canadian writer Martin Popoff.

Taking from numerous archive articles, and more so from his own repertoire of exclusive interviews with Sabbath band-members [past and present] and road crew. “Doom Let Loose” goes back to the original band-members early days in Birmingham schools, streets and pre-Sabbath bands, which all brought Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward and Terence ‘Geezer’ Butler together to form the most influential metal band of all-time. 

In my favorite read from Popoff’s collection so far [being a Sabbath fan], the band’s earliest recording tales are put clear, as are all the myths and rumors of the band’s nearly 40-year career via direct quotes from those who lived it [Popoff has interviewed all the major players over the years, some a number of times!]. Write-ups of the making of every album, detailing the songs [from writing to recording], line-up changes, and tours make this quite a journey through Sabbath history, from the Ozzy years, to the Dio eras, Gillan and all the wilderness years to Tony Martin and back to the band’s last few years since the original band reunited in ‘97. Not huge on dirt, rumors and endless road tales, Popoff presents a thorough history of the band and the music.

Also included are numerous rare live photos, tour and concert adverts and rare releases.  Piling in on 355 big pages, Doom Let Loose is a must-read for new and old Sabbath fans

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*Also check out Issue #102 of Brave Words And Bloody Knuckles [April ‘07] for Popoff’s in-depth feature on the band ‘Heaven and Hell’. 

Reviews: © Kevin J. Julie (Universal Wheels) May '07