In 1993 I began with 2 small publications - one a Ken Hensley [Uriah Heep] Fanzine called "From Time To Time", and the other a mainly 70s Hard Rock fanzine tiled "Wizards". I did both in print about 3 or 4 issues each per year for a few years, and eventually blended them both together under the same "From Time To Time". This lasted for a few more years until I decided to start fresh and put together a newsletter that would consist of reviews and interviews I was doing at the time.

I also got on-line and the same time, and with the help of Dave White UNIVERSAL WHEELS became a web Zine, and I kinda dropped doing the printed pages.  Sorry - I do kinda miss the printed thing too, but it got costly and as the opportunities for more reviews and interviews come up, it'd be near impossible to get them out in print without the proper $$ to keep it going.

With Universal Wheels [the name borrowed from a great Uriah Heep song!] on-line in mid '98, I have been fortunate enough to interview many great rock n rollers. Please let me know what you think of the site, and if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions - feel free to drop me a line!

For record companies [PR people] who'd like to submit items for review and/or inquire about interviews - please drop me a note.

*This is a Rock Zine, and I am not interested in Death Metal, New Wave, Alternative, Punk, or Rap! [thanks for understanding!]

The URIAH HEEP connection:

I am always interested in new Uriah Heep info. if are a fan visiting this page please remember to check out the band's official site And if you have any comments or questions about the band drop me a line as well! :-) IF you are a musician / producer / publicist, etc.. that has worked with the band and/or anyone connected to the Heep legend - I want to hear from you!

A special thanks to Dave White for all his help over the years and to the CHA for hosting my site.