Heepsters Mailing List

The Heepsters Mailing List, an internet forwarding service, is now into it's sixteenth year of operation.  The Heeplist has allowed fans to discuss Uriah Heep and a wide range of additional subjects since October 1996. While E-Heep fills an important niche for Heep fans by providing specific Heep news in a weekly email, the Heeplist serves an entirely different function by being a place for Heepsters to get to know each other. Since the list isn't restricted to only Heep related posts, it is more of a conversational list for Heepsters to discuss a wide range of non-Heep topics. 

Please note that topics relating to politics or religion are not allowed and persons who repeat to violate this simple rule may be removed from the list due to our international subscription of members. 

Due to the loose format of the Heeplist, the email volume can often be very heavy. You should plan on receiving from 20 to over 100 emails per day. If you aren't looking for this kind of commitment, we highly recommend e-Heep. In fact, we highly recommend e-Heep to ALL Heep fans and the updates from this go to the Heeplist as well. 

To read the Heeplist Archives or if you'd like to join the Heepsters Mailing List, please follow the link and subscription form located here.    The administration will approve your account after you subscribe.

Note:   We can not allow anyone with AOL email addresses any longer due to bounces and spam complaints to our server.   The risk of loosing the entire list outweighs the alternative.


Mac Steagall & Ron Mann
Heepsters Mailing List