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The Guidelines:

1. Disclaimer:  This forum is owned and maintained by private funds and not officially endorsed by Uriah Heep nor their management.   The views and opinions expressed here reflect those of fans or private persons and the band nor their official website are responsible or liable for the contents found within.  

2. Register:  This is the first step.  If you have any questions, please email the link below.  Remember to "Log In" each visit, you have to in order to reply to a current thread or start a new topic.

3. Uriah Heep Content:  Being a forum for discussing a band with thirty five years of projects, members and history; various different views exist within the fan base.   We can't and won't tolerate those who post just to degrade the band or members in general, regardless of who or which lineup they were part of.  This is a public website and slander can't be allowed.  

4. Personal Flames:  Don't attack anyone on a personal level, have enough common sense to state your case or views with some type of intelligence that others can get your point. An idiot isn't heard.

5. Copyright Material:  If you have a link you want to share, post it. But don't use something you don't have rights to or that may jeopardize the community as a whole. Make it original if possible.

6. Offensive Language:  This is a grey area. Express yourself with what you want but don't go overboard with remarks pertaining to sexual preference or remarks that can be offensive to others.   Since this is an international forum we ask you to please refrain from the use of slang, abbreviations, "intentional" misspellings or wording members from other countries may have difficulties understanding.  Again, use common sense.

7. Sections:  Keep topics in the proper place.  We know responding to others can lead in many directions but try to remain on the same subject matter or refer to a new thread in it's proper place.  So keep the topic on what the original thread is or start a new one where it belongs if you have something to say.

8. No Religious Or Political Commentary:  These are the topics which create hatred, wars, ruin friendships and marriages.  Please keep these thoughts to yourself.  These views are not welcome and this is only rule with a zero tolerance label.  

9. Pruning:  The forum will be pruned periodically [automatically through administration setup] to delete all threads which have not been responded to in certain lengths of time.  So keep it going if you want it to remain but make it worthwhile in doing so.  At times certain threads may be locked, moved or deleted but that isn't pruning nor is it intended as censorship either.

10. Moderation:  We endorse freedom of speech.  But with that right comes the other side, the interpretation of the reader.  Please try to moderate yourselves to prevent intervention and embarrassment to others .  These are only words on a computer screen that often aren't interpreted as you mean them to be.  Show some respect to the moderators, it isn't easy to do this and yet allow the freedom you wish.  It starts with what you write, it's your choice.

Continued abuse of the policies written above can get your username banned.  Although we have never banned a music fan from this forum private messages may be sent to those who present problems to request they follow the rules more closely.  We don't want to be the problem, but rather the solution.  So give us a little help.

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