The Carolina Heepsters January 17, 2004

A cool damp day in Charlotte, NC translated into a warm gathering of friends.
The CHA members met up at Manifest Records on South Blvd. for what may
be the last time due to the stores plans to close down.  Each purchased a
few items for the last time.  While standing outside the store entrance, a local
rock fan noticed our Heep jackets and stopped to talk.  He introduced himself
as Mike Smith, a prog rock fan who followed Heep, Yes, ELP and others.
Among things we talked to him about was his interest in the Classic Rock
Festival in Trenton 02, the current band lineup, and invited him to visit our
website as well as

Afterwards the crew went to dinner at a local restaurant and spent several 
hours talking about the current music scene, upcoming Heep releases and
plans to announce our local CHA-Heepvention in June.  

Photos By Ed Halliburton
CHAManifest01.JPG (370485 bytes)

Manifest Records and Tapes
BigDog1.jpg (251320 bytes)

The New BigDog

CHAManifest02.JPG (436045 bytes)

Ron, Bobbie, Mac & Lannis

CHAManifest07.JPG (424368 bytes)

Ron, Lannis, Dave (BigDog) & Mac

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