The Carolina Heepsters Association was started by a small group of local fans in the Carolina's area of the USA in 2000.
 We weren't  a fan club but a group of friends who had the sole purpose of gathering rare Uriah Heep (and related) videos,
unknown recordings, and memorabilia; then sharing  them with each other.  We made things available to other fans
for free.  Sort of trade
organization and not profit driven.  We were "bootleg busters".  If you wanted copies of the official
releases, we would direct you where to get them but would never make a copy available to you.   We bought those to
 help fund the band or artist in question; so should you.  In fact only a real Heepster would want what we have.

The CHA is run by Ron Mann and Mac Steagall    With the help of an advisory group who gave us input and a
direction to continue further with what we were doing.   To the point we became CHA Promotions.   Our web kept giving
back and became an official moniker at some point in time.   We began to purchase rare recording rights, published books and
ended up becoming involved with official releases of DVDs, CDs and publications world wide.   At present we are still
expanding upon the idea started during those friendly meetings so many years ago.   We don't plan to stop now.

Our goals were simple, to promote the music of Uriah Heep and all associated artist to the media, public
and personal contacts.   To preserve the history, to enlighten the masses, to go where no fan has gone before.
Promotion is also given to others who cast a large shadow over us, all the Heep related websites,
the members of the Heepsters mailing list and the Heepsters themselves.


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