Though the video has never surfaced we know the date and location of the source.   It's speculated the original film is long gone or whether or not it would have survived this length of time but this would be a magical piece of footage to uncover if it were possible.  The band was on an eight date Swiss tour and the schedule called for them to play the single version of "Look At Yourself".   The group decided on their own regard to play Why instead.   It's reported that Gerry Bron was livid with anger and it's a known fact he never cared for the song to start with and that was the reason it didn't get included on the original album.

Many memories are available about this footage:

"I remember the Brussels TV show and, as you quite correctly state, we were scheduled to play "Look At Yourself", but actually played a version of "Why".   I think we had consumed a few drinks etc and so it seemed a good idea at the time!  Gerry Bron was pretty annoyed as the slot was booked for promoting the Look at Yourself album.   The main reason I remember the show is that another British band were on the show [Brian Davison's Every Which Way] and I had worked with Brian, the drummer, in another band called Shinn in 1967.   This band broke up and Brian went on to play with Keith Emerson in The Nice.   I had not seen since then so it was good to catch up."   Paul Newton

"I remember we were in Belgium to do a TV show and we rehearsed in the afternoon with "Look At Yourself" - which was the single we were promoting at the time.  But then when we actually came to do the show - which was live, we decided at the last minute to play "Why" instead (Ha ha ha) - much to the amazement and horror of the producer.  And I think the show actually over-ran as a result of that.  They were going berserk in the control room because they were expecting us to play one number and we just said 'to hell with it - let's play this one instead!'...."  Iain Clark

"In Ghent we got stuck in the [hotel] room and we couldn't escape.  We were all so out of it we couldn't find the door.  Even Mick, he wasn't stoned but he couldn't get out either, I just remember him sitting there laughing at the state we were all in.  So when we were sitting in the hotel room getting really out of it and it was like 'what are we going to play?' and they were supposed to play the new single, and I think Ken and Dave, between them - decided it'd be a really good idea to play 'Why'.  So on the actual gig day, when they were recording it - they just went in to that.  And Gerry hadn't sent anybody out from the office, which he normally did when he was worried about things not going right or he wanted to keep total control.  He would send someone we didn't really want to see, from the office.  And it was like Ken said 'well, Why not?' and Dave said 'let's go for it!'   So somewhere there must be a recording of that from the TV show."  Les Lambert 


Filmed: May 2, 1971
Aired: Live
Venue: Unknown
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Length: Unknown
Quality: N/A

David Byron / Vocals
Mick Box / Lead Guitar
Ken Hensley / Keyboards, Vocals
Iain Clark / Drums
Paul Newton / Bass 

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