VHS Tapes with David Byron


Easy Livin' / The History Of Uriah Heep
1984 Bronze Records Ltd.


Released in 1984 as a VHS by Bronze and also as a Japanese Laser Disc; this now out of print 74 minute video contained rare footage of Uriah Heep from 1974 to 1984.  It included an overall interview with Ken Hensley.  The main part was the now famous footage from Shepperton 74 that has to be the most recognized video shot with David Byron.  This was also the footage shown for the Don Krishner's Rock Concert US TV broadcast in 1974.



One July Morning / 2000 Kolesnikov

In March 2000, Alexander Kolesnikov distributed copies of his video One July Morning to the members of UHAS and Stay On Top.  An interesting personal look from a Russian Heepster it contained great quality footage of Uriah Heep live in Tokyo Japan from March 16, 1973 with Byron at his best.


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