Tokyo Japan 73

The master reel of this footage has never surfaced, yet a few video files have surfaced on several different compilation discs.  A complete video of the entire concert in black and white footage has been traded for years.   At least three of color shots have surfaced and some of the film was included on the VHS tape One July Morning released in Russia.   A major portion was also included on the DVD set Classic Heep From The Byron Era by Classic Rock Productions but the film was overdubbed with Live 73 audio.   This puzzles many fans to this day since good audio has been shared from those shows for years.   

The video itself contains classic Live 73 sets with Byron and the rest of Uriah Heep at the highlight of their career.   A packed stadium and fans jumping out of their seats in excitement.   Sad that something this good has never been put out in full remasted form.

Filmed: March 16, 1973
Aired: Unknown
Venue: Budokan
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Length: 37 minutes 56 Seconds
Quality: B

Set list:
Look At Yourself
Traveller In Time
Tears In My Eyes
July Morning
Rock N' Roll Medley

David Byron / Vocals
Mick Box / Lead Guitar
Ken Hensley / Keyboards
Lee Kerslake / Drums
Gary Thain / Bass 

Original video of July Morning from the Japan footage, the rest has to be out there and ready to be remastered.

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