Bijou Theater TV Pilot Footage

Some of the best early video of Uriah Heep known to surface.  In the beginning it was listed with incorrect information passed around the world.  The footage in our possession marks the film with the date of August 10, 1972.   The original thought was that this was the filming date but in fact that would have the scheduled air date that never happened.   Plus as pointed out in contact since this was the entire film in possession it would only make sense to know all of the bands were not filmed on the same date.   Also sources led to believe this was filmed at Dick Clark Studios in Minneapolis, MN but none of that was the truth.   Through the work of others in turn a fan who was at the actual filming of the pilot came forth with the truth.  The hope only remains that comments are passed along to use from him in the future.

The Bijou Theater footage was filmed as a TV pilot, the video was shot for a US broadcast but the show never aired and no clue has yet to surface to the reason.   The original filming took place in a church in Cuyahoga Falls, a suburb of Akron, Ohio called "The Cathedral of Tomorrow".    Directed by John Purdy and Phoenix Productions the set was designed by Art Director Roy Cotner [see the photo left].   Produced by Russell Damour and staff  this stands as gold among early Uriah Heep video finds.   The footage wound up in possession of a holding company in Los Angeles, CA and never see official release.  Containing a rare interview with the entire band, it also features one of the most emotional renditions of July Morning Byron ever performed.   See the video link below.


Filmed: June, 1972
Aired: Never Aired [scheduled for August 10th]
Venue: The Cathedral of Tomorrow
Location: Akron, OH / USA
Director: John Purdy
Agency:  Phoenix Productions
Length: 16 minutes 56 Seconds
Quality: A+
1972 Cathedral Teleproductions

July Morning
Easy Livin'

David Byron / Vocals
Mick Box / Lead Guitar
Ken Hensley / Keyboards
Lee Kerslake / Drums
Gary Thain / Bass 


Official "July Morning" video from Youtube of the original footage filmed on this date taken from a 2nd generation copy of the 16mm film.


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