That Was Only Yesterday
The Last EP

Recorded less than one year before David's death; "That Was Only Yesterday" represented the final unreleased, unheard songs known to exist from David's short life.   In late 1983 Richard Manners [Blue Mountain Music] asked Richard "Digby" Smith [Rough Diamond, Free, Sammy Hagar, Mott The Hoople] to put together a band and cut some tracks with David.   Including drummer Neil Conteh [Jagger/Bowie], bassist Alan Spenner [Joe Cocker, Roxy Music], guitarist Tim Renwick [Elton John, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd], keyboardist John "Rabbit" Bundrick [Free, Roger Waters, The Who], an excellent group of musicians were assembled.  In February 1984 at Power Plant Studios, London three tracks were recorded.   Talk of a entire album was discussed by sadly that never came to be.  After contact with Digby Smith the studio tapes were baked and remastered in December 2007 at the Copyroom, London and a limited edition pressing of "The Last EP" took place in March 2008. 


Recorded at Power Plant Studios / London, England
February 1984 / Initial Release March 2008


Original EP Credits:

David Byron: Vocals
John "Rabbit" Bundrick: Keyboards
Tim Renwick: Guitar
Neil Conteh: Drums
Alan Spencer: Bass

Background Vocals: The Chanter Sisters
Produced by: Digby Smith
Engineered by: Ben Rogan
Original source:  Blue Mountain Music

Remastered at:  Copyroom / London, England December 2007
Cover Design: Ron Mann
Executive Director: Mac Steagall
Web Advisor: Dave White
©2008 CHA Promotions


Track Listing: (sound files marked in yellow)

1. That Was Only Yesterday [Gary Wright] 5:28
Blue Mountain Music LTD

2. Waiting For The Sun [Jim Morrison]  3:45
Doors Music Company

3. Pride & Joy [Gaye, Whitefield & Stevenson]  3:55
Stone Gate Music Corp.


Original Poster:
An original poster was offered to the first 200 purchases of the release and they sold out quickly.   The poster included a photo that is ©Charlie Gibb 1974.   So we have put this up here to download and print for your own enjoyment if you didn't get one.  The original EP release is still available at