Take No Prisoners

It has been said this release was to make David happy, and prevent jealousy due to Bronze Records doing the same for Ken Hensley.  David's first solo album may have been a disappointment in terms of sales but not the product itself.   By the time it was recorded in 1975, Uriah Heep's fame was on the decline and there wasn't much that could be done to change that.   The album featured all the members of the band in some form, even the newest member John Wetton took part.   Long time friends such as Pete Thompson, Denny Ball and Lou Stonebridge were among the credits as well.

It it strange however to note that with all the personal problems David had with certain issues, why would it be listed in the official credits the type of alcohol being consumed at the sessions?

Recorded February 1975
Morgan and Roundhouse Studios
London, England
Mixed at the Roundhouse Studios
Initial release March, 1975

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Original album credits:

David Byron: Voice
Mick Box: Guitars
Lou Stonebridge: Keyboards
Denny Ball: Bass
Lee Kerslake: Drums

Other Credits:
Drums: Pete Thompson
Backing vocals: Chanter Sisters, Martha Smith,
Neil Lanchaster, Chas Mills and Russ Stone.
Acoustic Guitar: Ken Hensley
Mellotron: John Wetton

Produced by: Peter Gallen and David Byron
Engineer: Ashley Howe
Assistant Engineers: Dave Harris (at Morgan), 
Trevor Hallesy & John Gallen (at Roundhouse)
Equipment: Dell Roll, Pete Gibbs
Refreshment: Marcus Rose, Moet & Chandon, 
Remy Martin & Newcastle Brown

1975 Bronze Records Ltd.


Track Listing: (sound files marked in yellow)

Side A:
Man Full Of Yesterdays  (Byron / Box / Stonebridge) 5:36
2. Sweet Rock N' Roll  (Stonebridge / McGuinness) 2:49
3. Steamin' Along  (Byron / Box / Ball / Thompson / Stonebridge) 5:09
Silver White Man  (Byron) 3:29
5. Love Song  (Byron / Box / Kerslake / Stonebridge) 2:56

Side B:
Midnight Flyer (Stonebridge / McGuinness) 5:55
2. Saturday Night  (Stonebridge) 2:16
3. Roller Coaster (Byron / Box / Ball / Kerslake / Stonebridge) 3:58

Stop (Think What You're Doing)  (Byron / Stonebridge / McGuinness) 4:16
5. Hit Me With A White One  (Byron / Box / Stonebridge) 3:53

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Single Release:

Silver White Man / US


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