Rough Diamond

Upon leaving Uriah Heep in 1976 David weighed his options and with Clem Clempson [ex Humble Pie], Willie Bath, Damon Butcher and Geoff Britton [ex Wings] formed what was considered the makings of a super group.   Late that year they went into the studio to record what would turn out to be their only album together.   An excellent promo film was done but never aired to promote the release.   After a short tour in the US and some other appearances the band parted ways with Byron.   Gary Bell replaced David in the band and they changed the name to Champion to record one LP for Epic Records the following year.  Once again that release had little success and the group disbanded. 

Recorded December 1976 & January 1977
Olympic Studios & Basing Street Studios

Initial release spring of 1977


Original Album Credits:

David Byron: Lead Vocals
Clem Clempson: Guitars
Willie Bath: Bass Guitar
Damon Butcher: Keyboards
Geoff Britton: Drums

Produced By: Steve Smith, David Byron & Clem Clempson
Engineers: Phill Brown (Olympic) Richard Digby Smith and
Dave Hutchins (Basing St. Studios)
Photos: Clive Arrowsmith
Cover Design: Eckford/Stimpson
1977 In This Sound Recording and 
Artwork's Owned by Island Records LTD.

Special Thanks:
Chris Blackwell, Tim Clark, Charley Nuccio, Tom Hayes, 
David Betteridge, Phil Cooper, Tony Loynes, Brian Blevins, 
Tony (Eisteddfod) Hughes and all at Island Ltd., Inc. and International
PS: Very special thanks to Patsy Finch.

Track Listing:  (sample audio files marked in yellow)

Side A:
Rock N' Roll (Byron / Britton / Rushent) 3:28
2. Lookin' For You  (Byron / Clempson / Butcher) 4:06
3. Lock & Key (Byron / Clempson) 4:59
4. Seasong (Byron / Clempson) 7:35

Side B:
1. By The Horn (Byron / Clempson) 3:13
Scared (Byron / Clempson / Britton / Butcher / Bath) 5:33
3. Hobo (Byron / Clempson / Britton / Butcher / Bath) 5:45
4. The Link (Butcher) 2:19
End Of The Line (Byron / Clempson / Britton / Butcher) 5:46








Single Releases:

Rough Diamond Germany Ad


German Promo 


Looking For You / France


Rock N' Roll / Japan


Rock N' Roll / USA


Rock N' Roll / USA Promo

Original Rough Diamond Tour Poster:


Original Rough Diamond Advertisement:
Original Rough Diamond Advertisement:

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