The Byron Band
On The Rocks

In 1980 David formed The Byron Band with guitarist Robin George who was recommended to him by Peter Green.   Two singles were released on the Creole Records label, "Every Inch Of The Way" and "Never Say Die".   Pino Paladino [bass], Pete Thompson [drums] and David Ball [guitar / vocals] helped make up the original lineup for the single releases.   Neither were credited as being part of the On The Rocks album released the following  year.   Both the tracks on the A or B side of the single "Every Inch Of The Way" were excluded from the album.  

Despite a strong album [which included a poster of the sleeve's artwork] lagging sales ended the project's recording history.   The original album was re-released on CD in 1993 by Repertoire with bonus tracks to include the missing work.

Recorded at The Old Smithy and Highland Studios
Initial release 1981


Original album credits:

David Byron: Vocals
Robin George: Guitars
Mel Collins: Saxophones
Bob Jackson: Keyboards
Roger Flavelle: Bass
John Shearer: Drums and Percussion

Background Vocals: The Powder Puffs
Bass Guitar on 'Little By Little' by Robin George
Engineered by: David Baker
Mixed by: Robin George, David Baker & David Byron
Produced and Arranged by: Robin George
Executive Producer: David Byron
Mastered by: Melvyn Abrahams (Strawberry Mastering Ltd.) 
Cover Design: Lon Goddard (Thanks Simon)
1981 Creole Records

Track listing:  (sound files marked in yellow)

Side A
1. Rebecca  (Byron / George) 4:01
2. Bad Girl  (Byron / George) 4:52
3. How Do You Sleep  (Byron / George) 6:09
4. Little By Little (Byron / George) 3:54

Side B
1. Start Believing (Byron / George) 4:04

2. Never Say Die  (Byron / George) 4:25
3. King  (Byron / George) 3:40
4. Piece Of My Love  (Byron / George) 6:47

1993 CD release bonus tracks:
1. Every Inch Of The Way  (Byron / Boone) 3:25 [Single release]
2. Routine (Byron / Boone) 3:52 [b-side of 'Every Inch Of The Way']
3. Tired Eyes (Byron / George) 2:39 [b-side of 'Rebecca' single]
4. Every Inch Of The Way (Byron / Boone) 4:58 / Long version out-take, previously unreleased

Single Releases:


Original Byron Band Promo Photo

Every Inch Of The Way / Germany


Every Inch Of The Way / UK

Never Say Die / UK

Rebecca / France

Official Byron Band Press Release

Rebecca / Spain

Rebecca / UK

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