The Byron Band
Lost And Found

This 2 CD private release in 2003 gave a major glimpse to the makeup and talent to what was The Byron Band.   Put together by Robin George the release was comprised mainly of demo tracks and live recordings.   One song at the end, "Angel Song" was a solo Robin George effort and a nice touch to the release.   Many fans complained that the track sources were not cut into individual songs on the release but none complained about the content.

On disc one the tracks 1-6 were "Live" writing demos recorded in London 1982 featured the additions of Roger Flavelle [bass] and Steve Braye [drums].  The songs on this portion of the release gave us a look into what could have been a second Byron Band album.

Track 7 was a live demo version of "Bad Girl" recorded in 1980 with Pino Palladino [bass] and Pete Thompson [drums].   The final tracks on disc one are writing demos recorded with David and Robin at David's house in Sonnning from 1981.

Disc two starts out with rehearsals from London in 1981 as tracks 1-6.   Live tracks recorded in Liverpool in 1980 make up the remainder of the second disc except for the last song.   These live versions featured Roger Flavelle [bass], John Shearer [drums], Bob Jackson [keyboards] and Mel Collins [sax].

The final song on disc two is a tribute to David and a solo track from Robin.  The song included: Pino Palladino [bass], Charlie Morgan [drums], Peter Green [keyboards] and backing vocals from Chris Thompson.   Band hits on this are produced by the legendary Gus Dudgeon.  

Recorded in England 1980-1982
Initial release 2003

Track Listing: (sound files marked in yellow)

Original album credits:
David Byron: Lead Vocals
Robin George: Guitars and Background Vocals
Roger Flavelle & Pino Palladino: Bass Guitar
Steve Braye, Pete Thompson, Charlie Morgan
& John Searer: Drums
Bob Jackson & Pete Green: Keyboards
Mel Collins: Saxophone
Chris Thompson: Backing Vocals

Band bits produced by Gus Dudgeon on "Angelsong"
Mastered by: Robin George 2002
Cover Design: Adam Charlesworth
Paintings by: Debra Derryn
Liner Notes: Fiona Bond

2003 Robin George

Disc One:

Writing Demos Live In London '82
Learn The Dance (Byron / George)
I Need Love (Byron / George)
Fool For A Pretty Face (Byron / George)
Safety In Numbers (Byron / George)
05. Bad Girl (Byron / George)
One Minute More (Byron / George)

Demo Live Worchester '82
07. Bad Girl (Byron / George)

Writing At David's House '82
08. She Was Good (Byron / George)
09. Fool For A Pretty Face (Byron / George)
She Was A Dream (Byron / George)
11. She Got Pride (Byron / George)
12. Untitled Melody  (Byron / George)
13. Learn The Dance (Byron / George)


Disc Two:

Rehearsals London '81
01. How Do You Sleep (Byron / George)
02. Saftey In Numbers (Byron / George)
03. I Need Love (Byron / George)
Piece Of My Love (Byron / George)
05. Goodnight Blues (Byron / George)
06. Last Chance Jam (Byron / George)

Live In Liverpool '80
07. Bad Girl (Byron / George)
08. Start Believing (Byron / George)
July Morning (Hensley / Byron)
How Do You Sleep (Byron / George)
Sweet Lorraine (Byron / Box / Thain)
12. Piece Of My Love (Byron / George)
13. Liverpool Blues (Byron / George)
14. Roll Over Beethoven (Berry)

Robin George Solo Track
15. Angelsong (George)

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