Demons And Wizards

This is the release that would set the standard and place Uriah Heep among the elite bands in the world.  New members for the rhythm section again but this time it would put in place the classic lineup the band used during the high point of success.  Mark Clarke initially replaced founding member Paul Newton but he only lasted for a brief matter of weeks.   During that time he made some significant contributions however.  He co-wrote one the most memorable songs in The Wizard.   As Mick Box was quoted in Metal Hammer, "It was sort of half written with the acoustic bit and the power chords behind it, but we couldn't find a middle eight.   Then Mark Clarke, the bass player at that time had an idea so him and Kenny went running down to the studio and knocked down the riff.  It slotted in perfectly."   Mark also added a lead vocal to this section of the song as well.  The track also featured the sound of a tea kettle whistling.   The band came up with the idea when the kettle sounded off during playback.   They put mics on the kettle and recorded it about six times according to Box.   To get the proper pitch the mixing was set to varied speed.   Mick also remembered that David's speeded up voice at the beginning of the song was an accident, "Well, how that came bout was Ashley Howe (the engineer) was really tired and he was sitting on the tape machine and his elbow slipped and hit vari-speed.   We thought 'great, keep it'."

Marks only other contribution to the band was playing bass on the version of Why that was used as the b-side of The Wizard single.   Enter at that point Gary Thain [former member of The Keef Hartley Band].   Thain was said to be the most talented musician in the band according to Gerry Bron.   Along with new drummer Lee Kerslake [former member of The Gods] the lineup was in place. 

Featuring an original cover painting from Roger Dean the band would no longer use multiple covers for releases.    The single Easy Livin' entered the US top 40 at # 39 and to this date is the bands only American radio hit.  This LP produced many classics; Rainbow Demon, Circle of Hands, Traveller In Time and the epic Paradise / The Spell.    The album was so well renowned that even Rolling Stone magazine gave it a great review.  Mike Saunders wrote, "These guys are good.   The first side of Demons and Wizards is simply odds-on the finest energy workout of the year, tying nose and nose with the Blue Oyster Cult."   His summary made it clear, "they may have started out as a thoroughly dispensable neo-Cream & Booze outfit, but at this point Uriah Heep are shaping up into one hell of a first rate modern rock band."

All of the hard work had finally paid off and it seemed the dues were now paid.   It was time for Uriah Heep to reap the benefits of the past.   The charts were equally impressive as it charted for 11 weeks in the UK and reached a peek of # 20.   Other areas also reflected great success as it stood tall for 14 weeks in Finland and reached the # 1 position.   It clocked in at #  5 in both Norway and the Netherlands, # 12 in Italy and # 14 in Australia.  The biggest spash was in the US however as it remained on the charts for 38 weeks with the high point claiming the # 23 charted album.   It became the bands first album to be certified "gold" by the RIAA on October 27, 1972.  

Recorded March - April 1972
Lansdowne Studios, London
Initial release May 1972

Original Album Credits:

David Byron: Lead Vocals
Ken Hensley: Keyboards, Guitars, Percussion
Mick Box: Guitars
Lee Kerslake: Drums & Percussion
Gary Thain: Bass

Mark Clarke: Bass & Vocals

All other voices by Uriah Heep

Produced by: Gerry Bron
Engineer: Peter Gallen
Assistant Engineer: Ashley Howe
Designed and Artwork:  Roger Dean
Photography: Dommy Hamilton / Roger Dean
Sydney Bron Co Ltd
1972 Bronze Records Ltd. 

Track Listing:
(sample audio files marked in yellow)

Side A:
The Wizard (Hensley / Clarke) 2:59
2. Traveller In Time (Byron / Box / Kerslake) 3:26
3. Easy Livin' (Hensley) 2:36
4. Poet's Justice (Box / Kerslake / Hensley) 4:14
5. Circle Of Hands (Hensley) 6:34

Side B:
Rainbow Demon
(Hensley) 4:30
2. All My Life (Box / Byron / Kerslake) 2:46
3. Paradise
  (Hensley) 5:15
4. The Spell (Hensley) 7:26

1996 Remaster Bonus Tracks:
Why (single version)
Why (extended version)
Home Again To You (previously unreleased)

2003 Re-Remaster Bonus Tracks:
Why (extended version)
Rainbow Demon (single version)
Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf (out-take)
Home Again To You (demo)
Green Eye  (demo)

Single Releases:

Demons & Wizards US Promo Ad

All My Life / Thailand EP


Circle Of Hands / Thailand EP


Easy Livin' / Belgium


Easy Livin' / Denmark


Easy Livin' / France


Easy Livin' / Germany - Austria


Easy Livin' / Germany - Holland


Easy Livin' / Holland


Easy Livin' / Japan


Easy Livin' / Thailand EP


Easy Livin' / Portugal [version one]


Easy Livin' / Portugal [version two]


Easy Livin' / Russian EP


Easy Livin' / Spain


Easy Livin' / Thailand EP [version one]


Easy Livin' / Thailand EP [version two]


The Wizard / Germany


The Wizard / Italy


The Wizard / Japan


The Wizard / South Africa


The Wizard / Spain


The Wizard / Thailand EP

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