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The years have slowly passed since David Byron left us.   While fronting Uriah Heep many didn't give him credit for taking the band to world wide success.  Most feel that if were not for the writing of Ken Hensley, nobody would have ever noticed Uriah Heep but the opposite side of the coin must be flipped here.  The voice in our ears and the messenger of the words were him.   Our stance is the cohesive unit of musicians, the lyrics and David's voice were an unforgettable combination.   While it lasted!   The classic years of Uriah Heep rival what any band produced in the 70s era.

He could bring a tear to your eyes with If I Had The Time, Sweet Freedom or Come Away Melinda; make you laugh with comments in between tracks on Live 73 or just mystify you with his voice on Paradise or Pilgrim.  Few peers exist in the history of rock music with his stage presence, his attitude and his charisma.  

Later on with Rough Diamond, the Byron Band and solo; his direction took many different courses.   Most of us lost contact and the media forgot him.   We didn't.   But do you know the story put together during those years?   The early studio sessions, the unknown outside projects?  Did you know that David was a really good keyboardist?  All the forgotten or unknown history is what this website will tell you as the true facts develop over time.  You want to know who David Byron was?   We will tell you the story but we would rather focus on the music and his voice.

His death was publicized in various magazines and newspaper articles but his day had passed.  His personal life has been documented in many forms but this website prefers to keep away from issues in anyone's life that is none of our business but yes we will tell you that too.    His fans learned of his death in various ways and we knew he wasn't finished yet.  

To those around the world who remember the one thing he gave us, "the legacy of his voice"; we remember David and salute him with this website.   So let's look back on his career and just enjoy the music.   This website is also a place to share your memories, your photos, your personal interaction with his voice.   Please contact us with anything you think should be added to the story or modifications to what is found but please understand that we are asking the hard questions and trying to get the answers from the people who were there.    That is what this website is about, documenting the truth.  Yet if you know the truth, tell us!

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